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Welcome to UltimateNutritionTables.com! This website started as nutrient tables created for the SoyStache project in 1999. We wished to offer the most extensive nutrition tables based on whole foods, so visitors could look at basic whole foods and their nutrient content in order to better make informed decisions for their diets and health. All data is based on 100 gram samples of each food, so as to make easier comparisons based on weight. We do plan to add extensive tables for protein and fat content based on a percentage of calories (for our earlier versions, visit here). Once we complete the first phase of our new nutrient tables, we will work on additional tables.

This website unveils our newest nutrient tables, which have been compiled in our spare time beginning in 2009. The USDA has since revealed newer versions of their database, along with an updated website. Much of the data remains the same. If you see any data that has changed or you notice any whole, minimally-processed foods which we do not have on our charts, as well as any possible errors, please feel free to notify us. While we strived to include foods closest to nature, we may have made some exceptions where that data was not available, but other options were. Please note, we did not include "foods" such as cheese and other cultured foods, though we may offer that data in a separate table in the future. As we have time, we also plan to include extensive tables of foods and their amino acid content. That will involve going back through the data for all the foods and compiling new tables. Please be patient as we prepare those for a future release!

Because of the enormous size of many of our tables, they have been broken up into groups of more manageable numbers. For the charts of individual nutrients by content, we are including some other nutrients that may be of interest, but trimmed the number of nutrients to make the tables more manageable. For more extensive data for individual foods, feel free to refer to our main alphabetical listing of close to 500 whole foods (broken up into batches of approximately 50):



Alphabetical List of Whole Foods
and their Nutrients
A-Blueberries Bluefish-Cashew
Catfish-Crabapples Cranberries-Goose
Gooseberries-Lettuce Lima-Mustard
Navy-Pineapple Pink-Safflower
Saffron-Strawberries Sugar-apples-Yellow



Lists of Whole Foods Based on Nutrient Content
Beta-sitosterol Betaine Calcium Campesterol Carbohydrate
Carotene alpha Carotene beta Cholesterol Choline Copper
Cryptoxanthin beta Energy - kcal Energy - kj Fatty acids monounsaturated Fatty acids polyunsaturated
Fatty acids saturated Fiber Fluoride Folate Folic Acid
Fructose Galactose Glucose Iron Lactose
Lutein zeaxanthin Lycopene Magnesium Maltose Manganese
Niacin Pantothenic acid Phosphorus Phytoserols potassium
Protein Retinol Riboflavin Selenium Sodium
Starch Stigmasterol Sucrose Sugars - total Thiamin
Total lipids Vitamin K Vitamin A Vitamin A RAE Vitamin B-6
Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E alpha-tocopherol Water

The data for our nutrient tables comes from the USDA's National Nutrition Database for Standard Reference, Release 22. Not every food item is tested for every known nutrient. Any blank (empty) cells on our tables represent no available data for those nutrients in those foods in the National Nutrition Database.






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